First Draft includes information for Logon Solutions


General Introduction



        Site users create a quotation by:


1)    Activity:

Selecting an Activity from the List of Activities (USCatalog). This action automatically defines the arrival and departure dates as well as the unit price.

Self-catered options are shown as a separately priced list of available activities. The initial selection reveals the details panel and enables the number of people in the group to be entered. This creates a ‘line’ in the Quotation (TranH) showing the cost of the group’s visit. The quotation line is shown on the right hand side of the web page, with the overall cost accumulating in a panel above. See below!


2)    Discounts:

The Activity selection action in 1) reveals a list of discounts which may apply to the Group. These ‘variations’ deal with appropriate discounts for PEG fed clients, Toddlers, Night Waking staff etc. NB it is essential that all people attending in whatever capacity are included in the initial total. (USCatalog)


3)    Accommodation:

The full range of accommodation at Calvert Exmoor is displayed as a list available for the period of the selected visit. Selecting a particular room ‘lights-up’ its position on the map of the Center accommodation so that potential clients can choose accommodation suitable to their needs and preferences.

N.B. Specific accommodation cannot be guaranteed at the quotation stage. The software is designed to undergo a simple modification to only offer vacant accommodation if this proves to be a requirement.


4)    Equipment:

Special Requirement such as bed blocks, bedside bumpers, cots etc. can be added to the quotation with relevant details placed in the bedroom notes.  (USCatalog)

5)    Optional Extras: Chargeable items such as birthday cakes or beverage making facilities may be added at this stage.


6) Merchandise: Items from our shop including branded hats, bags and clothing may also be added to the quotation.